I am the proud mama of two adorable fur babies! Some have called me a crazy cat lady, and well... I can't disagree. 

I own and operate my Fine Art Photography business with the assistance of my wonderful husband of 6 years, and of course, my little orange tabby cat named Hemi. 


A family heirloome film camera was passed down to me at the age of 12. From there I started to love having small photo adventures, experimenting with light and photography. Now here I am today! 

I have learn't not to be chasing likes, or playing the game of popularity. Rather I create images that truly mean something to my clients. My goal is to create something honest & truly valued.


My best advice to my client is the advice someone dear to me once said; “Plan a marriage more beautiful than your wedding.”


While I LOVE beautiful weddings with elegant details, truly the most important thing is to truly capture the love between my clients.

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